3 Cheap Cities in Europe to Visit This Winter (And 1 to Avoid)

Emerald rivers from one side, scammers from the other.

Levi Borba


Kolasin 1450. Photo by the Author.

In this article, I will tell you about 3 inexpensive destinations to visit in Europe this winter (they are also great in other seasons, but the magic of the snow season makes them outstanding), and 1 city to avoid.

But before starting, one disclaimer: This entire article was written under the optics of a budget traveler. If you are a deep-pocketed luxury jet-setter and frequent guest at Ritz, chances are your perceptions are different.

1. Brasov, Romania: Castles, the Black Church and Ski in Poiana

Brasov tops the list for a few reasons.

First, because it has plenty of budget accommodation, from world-class hostels to chain hotels. You will find plenty of rooms with great value for money there.

If you are a history lover, go for a free walking tour. They start at the main square almost every day. Local experts will guide you across the most interesting points of this city built by 3 different cultures — Saxons, Hungarians, and Romanians.

Brasov’s old town is very well-preserved and safe. If you are looking for nightlife, there are many options around but don’t believe that the ads of free drinks are always true.

Another attraction (and for me, the most spectacular one) of this city is reserved for nature and trekking fans. If you enjoy walking around forests, this is one of the finest cities in Romania.

Lush Transylvanian woodlands surround Brasov and you can spend entire days on the trails departing from the city. I recommend the one to the Tampa mountain top. From there, it is possible to see the whole old town in its full splendor. If you are fit, another good idea is to hike to the nearby ski resort of Poiana. There are marked trails all the way.

Accommodation (per day): 14 euros for a dorm bed, or 30 euros for a 2-people private room.

Meal price: Around 25 Lei (less than 5 euros).

Beer in a pub: Approx. 8 Lei (less than 1.7 euros).