3 Cheap Cities in Europe to Visit This Winter (And 1 to Avoid)

Emerald rivers from one side, scammers from the other.

Levi Borba
7 min readNov 6, 2021


Kolasin 1450. Photo by the Author.

In this article, I will tell you about 3 inexpensive destinations to visit in Europe this winter (they are also great in other seasons, but the magic of the snow season makes them outstanding), and 1 city to avoid.

But before starting, one disclaimer: This entire article was written under the optics of a budget traveler. If you are a deep-pocketed luxury jet-setter and frequent guest at Ritz, chances are your perceptions are different.

1. Brasov, Romania: Castles, the Black Church and Ski in Poiana

Brasov tops the list for a few reasons.

First, because it has plenty of budget accommodation, from world-class hostels to chain hotels. You will find plenty of rooms with great value for money there.

If you are a history lover, go for a free walking tour. They start at the main square almost every day. Local experts will guide you across the most interesting points of this city built by 3 different cultures — Saxons, Hungarians, and Romanians.

Brasov’s old town is very well-preserved and safe. If you are looking for nightlife, there are many options around but…