It helped me understand my customers and revolutionize my firm

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During university, one of my classmates was the son of a fertilizer industry billionaire. Once we were in a marketing case class, analyzing the case of a certain jeans brand whose trousers cost more than $300.

This wealthy friend told me:

Whoever buys jeans for 300 dollars has a serious need for something else, not only for jeans. I would never pay so much for a pair of trousers.

It amused me that this phrase came from the mouth of a billionaire. But the point was right. Nobody who buys a pair of jeans with a price tag 900% higher…

They do not create big obstacles with paperwork and allow you to keep almost all your profit.

My last visit to Vilnius, Lithuania. One of the easiest places in the world to do business. Photo from the author.

I left my home country almost a decade ago to start a career and become an entrepreneur. During this time I wandered across all continents (except Antarctica) with my ideas and projects.

Back then, I was only relying on my guts and anecdotal evidence, but now, with plenty of official information available in English, you do not need to take the same risks.

I prepared this list for entrepreneurs that are considering the hypothesis of venturing overseas. After analyzing near 200 countries, I considered three major factors to rank these 10 nations among the most promising for entrepreneurs in 2021.

Food and construction prices will skyrocket. This can get dark fast. It is time to act.

Prices of fertilizers. Chart courtesy of Fertecon, Agribusiness Intelligence, IHS Markit, and Progressive Farmer.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb often bashes economists. He does it with reason. The Lebanese writer — my favorite for business and logical insights — calls some of the most prominent economists fraudsters with no skin in the game. He also says that is wiser to listen to a grandma or a self-made entrepreneur — like his archetypal Fat Tony — instead of economists.

One of his loudest critiques is that in the few situations when economists are right, they do only repeat (with fancy words) what everyone already knows.

This is the case with inflation surges.

Economists disagree on the consequences…

A model from a Stanford scientist helped an e-commerce giant, and it helped my business too.

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There is an enormous chance that you experienced one — or maybe all — of the following situations:

  • You are searching for a certain tutorial on Youtube — how to train to fix a leak in the sink, for example. You enter on their website and boom! Half an hour passed and all you spent it watching videos of two guys building entire houses only using bamboo.
  • You go to to shop for a certain history book. A few minutes later, and you realize that your shopping cart has a modern fiction book, a cupholder, and three pairs of…

Done! And thanks a lot!

Here you will find how to start a business in Europe, how much you need, and what are the pros and cons.

If you are planning to start your own business abroad, this is the book I wrote for you. Image from the author.

This is a quick guide for anyone thinking about starting a business in Europe as a foreigner, wrote by a person that has done it before.

The information below is either from my own experience or collected from reliable sources in 2021. However, this article is not legal or investment advice. Before starting a business, it is recommended that you do plenty of research.

If you are planning to venture overseas, there is a great list of books about moving abroad that I recommend. Remember to check the business risks to consider in a business plan. …

Without using shady methods, but an excellent alternative created by a tiny, cold European country.

Image by EU2017EE Estonian Presidency, licensed under CC Wikimedia Commons.

This is a piece of advice that I wished I knew from the beginning. Until September of the last year, I was losing 30% of all my writing income unnecessarily.

The royalties from my books sold at Amazon and my payments from Medium had 30% of the total value kept as US tax withholding.

For me, this sounded utterly unfair. I do not use public services in America. I am not in their stimulus check program. Why should I pay 30% of my hard-earned income to Uncle Sam? Maybe you experience the same issue.

But what If I told you…

A simple recipe to overcome a destructive cultural problem.

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Higher mobility between cities, industries, and continents is boosting intercultural issues. Maybe you already saw some of the barriers below:

  • Different approaches to power and authority. Individuals from societies like Japan or Malaysia, perform well under rigid hierarchical structures. Meanwhile, Scandinavians or Canadians favor more flexible authority schemes.
  • Individualism vs Collectivism. In Australia or the USA, individual initiative is praised. On the other side, in Asian countries like China, it carries negative shades. In collectivist societies, initiative happens in coordination with the surrounding stakeholders or higher authorities.
  • Risk Aversion. Cultures vary in their inclination to take risks. That in part…

This is not an overstatement, but science.

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Kitty, I think my phone is ringing. Can you bring it to me?

Months ago, I asked that to my wife.

But my phone was not ringing. It was not the first time that I had this weird feeling that my phone was buzzing when it was not. Later on, almost by accident, I read about an increasingly common psychological syndrome.

The Phantom Vibration Syndrome

The Phantom Vibration Syndrome is also known by the name of ringxiety. It refers to the phenomenon when multiple times we feel our phone is ringing or vibrating when in reality it is not. You can look more about…

I used the techniques from “Unlimited Memory”, and for a moment I doubted myself. It felt like magic.

Image by Michel Royon fo Wikimedia Commons

A few months ago, for some reason, the Kindle Unlimited algorithm thought I should read a book about memory improvement.

It turns out it was right. As an entrepreneur, a writer, and a husband — shopping lists can be a nightmare — I needed to improve my capacity to keep information. But this was never something that I looked for.

I thought that mnemonics and its tricks had limited usability or were simple gimmicks, except for few techniques like spaced repetition — I learned one of the hardest languages in the world using it in the phonemic approach.

However, the…

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