After battling distraction, I was able to write and publish three books in less than a year.

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There is a reality that not many people are aware of.

An alarming truth that business conglomerates and media corporations are battling, right now, for your eyeballs.

They are spending billions every year on research. All intended to find ways to grab your attention, even using our most primitive human impulses.

This worldwide billionaire effort created an enormous distraction problem. Something unheard at any other point in humankind history. We are spending more than six hours per day looking at the same objects: screens.

We cannot keep our focus anymore. The attention spam from people nowadays is less than eight seconds, according to Canadian researchers. …

And how to delegate better, faster, and with fewer mistakes.

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Most of my professional life I spent as an employee in multinational headquarters. Companies where you do not have much skin in the game, as Nassim Taleb explains.

All this changed in 2017 when I started my first business, in the tourism sector. Like any other first-time founder, there were difficulties with funding, planning targets, and establishing challenging-but-realistic goals. Problems that are already discussed in multiple places.

But once your business is up and running, there is a ghost that haunts entrepreneurs. …

The world’s 3rd biggest employer, the Tourism industry is crushed in these 10 cities.

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It is difficult, to not say impossible, to measure all the impacts of the ongoing fight against COVID-19. However, some conclusions are already possible. One of them is about the industry that took a heavy blow. Maybe the heaviest of all.

The Tourism & Transportation Industry, which employs nearly 10% of the world population, was bended to its knees.

While some recovery is already visible in places like China or Singapore, most parts of the world are still in a dramatic situation.

But how to measure the worst-impacted cities on the planet?

With this question in mind, I came with an indicator based on the room rate for standard hotels in different parts of the world. The same type of room (Double Standard Room), in November of 2019 and 2020. …

Take effortless measures to keep more money in your pocket and jumpstart a new life.

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Congratulations! You received a Ph.D. scholarship on the other side of the country. Or you just opened the email with an incredible professional opportunity abroad. Maybe you were approved for that internship in Europe?

These situations are more frequent than ever among millennials. But, what can happen when you move far away?

I do not want to put your excitement down — later I give you all the answers to the questions raised — but:

  • Stress may be common even in small situations like buying a bus ticket.
  • Living costs hugely differ and either you get carried by the spending frenzy caused by smaller price-tags, or the higher bills make you feel ripped by everyone. …

Cringeworthy things that I witnessed in the operations room of an investment company

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For years I worked as an investment advisor. It was a frequent career-starters for fresh business-school graduates. It was an overall valid experience, but I always faced an ethical dilemma.

It was a commission-based job, so often logical fallacies were the weapon of choice to approach new investors or make higher-volume operations. There was only one upside in witnessing these logical flaws twisting reality and convincing people to take bad decisions:

I learned enough of it to not fall for the same trick. I learned enough of it to teach you to not become prey to the same trap.

Here I will list the logical fallacies that you should be aware of when reading, or listening, to investment advice. …

Spoiler alert: The staggering majority of business obstacles will not be solved by changing your team.

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At high-school, during a few summers, I worked in a local firm in my town. They had an insanely high employee turnover — that meaning the proportion of workers who leave during a certain period expressed as a percentage of total workforce numbers. Between two different summers, their team got almost completely renewed, except for few managers.

One time I questioned the director of the company why they changed their personnel so frequently, and he said that he needed to find people suitable for the job, and that was often not the case. …

Find them, and watch the efficiency of your operations escalate.

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Entrepreneurs often venture far away from their homeland. Starting a business already has inherent risks, but starting in an unknown environment adds uncertainty and makes tasks harder.

There is, however, a person that can help you in such situations, creating synergies and speeding your learning curve: Local allies.

Where — and how — to get such crucial partners?

I found Hubert in a social media group. I was still in the planning phase to open the touristic hostel that later became one of the largest in Warsaw. I had my budget and timelines already planned, but I wanted someone to validate it. …

Effortless Ways to save money while keeping a fit mind & body.

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There is already a sizable Latin-American community in Europe. While issues like the cultural shock, the different meaning of common gestures, transportation, and even idiomatic embarrassments already receive their fair share of attention, some smaller hindrances are hardly discussed.

The problem is that those forgotten matters affected most, if not all, the Latin Americans living in Europe. While some of these issues have inexpensive and easy answers, the lack of attention about them results in us, immigrants, discovering the solution only after having problems.

Honestly speaking, while this article does not apply much to Spain or Portugal, it can be helpful for immigrants from other parts of the world besides Latin America. …

Instill these qualities in your team and watch your profits soar

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During my corporate career, I’d been often involved in the selection and hiring processes. But in 2017, after starting my own business, I became the primary decision-maker and it stressed me out.

Leaving a position in a multinational corporation and starting your own business already has plenty of challenges. Hiring, however, is a challenge that almost every new entrepreneur thinks they will excel at, only to realize later on that it’s a lot more difficult than it looks.

My first few hires were surprisingly good — more because of beginners’ luck than any competency from my side. But later on, I made mistake after mistake. Thankfully, however, I stumbled upon a book by Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon. …

And Give You Horrible Sleep Quality

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This is a picture from my hostel, that I could post on our Instagram. But we don’t have one, and I will tell you why.

As the operator of a touristic hostel in Europe, few times I was mocked for not having an Instagram, neither for me nor for my business. After all, it is commonplace for my fellow competitors to promote their Hostels there and use it to attract backpackers.

I cannot argue against the economical advantages obtained from using Instagram to promote a business — neither in favor since I never used it. But I can tell you the many benefits of ditching out this social network or never start using it in the first place.

Epictetus enters the Room

During the same period, I was thinking about creating or not an Instagram profile for me and my business, I finished reading the Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium, or “Moral Letters to Lucilius”, from the stoic Seneca. I was craving for more from the same type. My first action was to start the Enchiridion, the masterpiece from another stoic, Epictetus. …


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