It helped me understand my customers and revolutionize my firm

During university, one of my classmates was the son of a fertilizer industry billionaire. Once we were in a marketing case class, analyzing the case of a certain jeans brand whose trousers cost more than $300.

This wealthy friend told me:

Whoever buys jeans for 300 dollars has a serious…

For some kinds of people, Brazil is a good place to live. Are you among them?

Moving to Brazil? Here Is What You Must Know

If you tell most Brazilians (even myself) that you want to leave a stable, developed country because you are moving to Brazil, they will get surprised. After the astonishment comes the question: Why?

While people in cities with higher living standards — like Curitiba — may give you a few…

It is inside the European Union, in the heart of the continent.

Good News! You just received a work invitation from Poland. Now the possibility of living in Warsaw (Poland, not the one in Indiana) is real. They offer you health insurance, a benefit card, and few other perks that are attractive at first glance-plus you can adopt some Polish habits that…

The comparison with Rio does not make sense.

I had a relative murdered there. Colleagues assaulted. Acquaintances victims of pick-pocketing. For all those motives, when someone asked me Is São Paulo Safe? the obvious answer should be a big, bold no, certainly not.

However, this is not my opinion. At least not nowadays.

Short answer: São Paulo can…

It is shocking to see how London compares to other capitals.

During the last two years, there is a certain buzz about how Polish immigrants that lived for years in the UK are returning to Poland due to the increasing salaries and improving economy in their homeland. …

Here is how to avoid that minor details become expensive headaches.

Moving house or settling into a new property is an exciting yet stressful time for anybody. It’s a time for your organizational skills to come into play, as you transfer your whole life from one property to another. …

And how that is a prelude to a deep impact in our pockets.

With difficulties to transport coffee because of the shipping crisis, Brazilian exporters have resorted to another, much more expensive modal: Airplanes

For example, in the first week of October, Labareda Agropecuária, located in Franca (SP), exported around 9 tonnes of coffee to London. Usually, coffee is exported by ship, on…

I tried them all. Here is how to make the most of your income.

I often see content creators that make over $2000 per month saying that they will abandon their projects and return to a 9-to-5 job because the money is not enough to pay for their expenses.

That surprises me for 2 reasons:

1st — I live in a city where $2000…

Solve your doubts here and reduce the anxiety about leaving home

Moving abroad is something we have all completed at least once. However, it’s a daydream or idea that never actually comes to fruition, as many people assume the process is too overwhelming or won’t turn out as they expect.

Re-starting your life in a new country takes quite a lot…

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Former 5-Star airline specialist, founder of Small Business Hacks and

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