It helped me understand my customers and revolutionize my firm

During university, one of my classmates was the son of a fertilizer industry billionaire. Once we were in a marketing case class, analyzing the case of a certain jeans brand whose trousers cost more than $300.

This wealthy friend told me:

Whoever buys jeans for 300 dollars has a serious…

This is not another boring article about Flowcharts. I promise.

During high school summers, I worked for a local company.

They had an incredibly high employee turnover rate — defined as the percentage of workers that quit during a certain period. Except for a few managers, their team was re-built within two summers.

When I asked the company’s director why…

Spectacular places in Europe that I personally witnessed, from July to December.

If the first part of this list (the best countries to visit in Europe from January to July) was dominated by islands, continental Europe will be the sole ruler in this second part.

But don’t expect the obvious.

There are no recommendations for Paris or Prague (especially because they disappointed…

From January to December, this list has 12 dazzling places to visit, one per month.

Our vacation period does not always coincide with the best time to visit that wonderful destination on our bucket list.

It’s possible that you’ve always wanted to go to Cyprus, but your company let you go on vacation only in February when it’s still cold even on the Mediterranean islands…

Levi Borba

Former 5-Star airline specialist, founder of Small Business Hacks and

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