Best Place to Visit in Europe on Each Month of the Year

From January to December, this list has 12 dazzling places to visit, one per month.

Levi Borba
7 min readJan 7, 2022


The best place to visit in Europe in June? Malta. Here picture of the village of Marsaxlokk. Photo from the author.

Our vacation period does not always coincide with the best time to visit that wonderful destination on our bucket list.

It’s possible that you’ve always wanted to go to Cyprus, but your company let you go on vacation only in February when it’s still cold even on the Mediterranean islands. Or your family might not be able to have a winter vacation in the alps because your husband can only go on vacation in May.

Do not worry.

Europe is made up of nearly 44 countries. I’d been to 25 of them, and in this article, I’ll tell you which one is the best for each month of the year.

Except for one month: February.

I’m not sure which country is best to visit in February. Due to school holidays, it is a month when many places are either fully booked or overpriced. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a nice place to visit in the second month of the year. I’ll be delighted to learn about it.

Best Place to Visit in Europe in January:


Why visiting Montenegro in January:

When I visited this young country (it is one of the newest sovereign states in the world, independent since 2006), it was just a place on my road trip across the Balkans, on my way from Croatia to Greece.

It didn’t take long until I realized how wonderful is the natural heritage of Montenegro. Across curvy roads, I witnessed some of the most breathtaking views of my life. Emerald rivers, canyons, untouchable nature.

What to visit in Montenegro this time of the year:

Just hire a driver (or rent a car, if you are used to driving in curvy, single-track roads) and see the natural wonders of Biogradska Gora or the Kolasin region.

If you love winter sports (like I do), don’t miss the lovely and inexpensive ski resort of Kolasin 1450. It is less than 80km far from the capital, Podgorica. The resort has 45 kilometers of well-maintained ski slopes, and a ski pass costs…