How the Brazilian Ethos Contributed to the Coronavirus Chaos

Brazil has the second biggest Coronavirus death-toll in the planet and the highest number of daily victims for the last two weeks.

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The Brazilian Ethos, and how it contributes to worsening the pandemic.

As a Brazilian myself, I understand that most of my fellow compatriots cannot see this problem. If I was still there, it would be equally invisible to me.

What happens when you tell Poles and Brazilians to avoid agglomerations?

Poles, just like many of their neighbors, are not big fans of massive gatherings. Sure, there are football matches, the national marches, and occasional festivals driving crowds. But on all those occasions, people gather for a reason and do it despite the aversion for huge masses. The sociability of the Polish people tends to develop among groups of friends, smaller collectives of common interests, and family.

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To tell Brazilians to avoid agglomerations means almost to forbid something essential to the very Brazilian carnivalesque existence.

It means prohibiting the rala-rala, rubbing shoulders, and sweaty bodies leaning against each other during the carnival street parades.

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