How to Get a Hotel Cheaper (You May Save 50% Of the Total Bill)

Insider tips from a hospitality business owner.

Levi Borba


This was part of the breakfast of the 5-star hotel where I stayed for FREE. I had no idea that so many Olive types existed. Photo from the author.

December 2019. I stayed in this great 5-star hotel in Istanbul. Breakfast included and paying absolutely nothing.

September of 2021. Again, another 5-star hotel for free — I didn’t pay even for the transfer to and from the hotel.

Is that possible?

Not only it is perfectly possible, but every year thousands of people take benefit from this. Many of them are former airline employees like me, who know the secrets to staying in luxury hotels for great discounts or even paying nothing.

But from now on, the next person to enjoy these luxurious perks, paying absolutely nothing, can be you.

All you need to do is to pay attention to the 3 hacks I will tell you below. They are all part of my best-selling book, Budget Travelers, Digital Nomads & Expats: The Ultimate Guide.

As often as possible, combine these hacks during your travels — and once you hit your first free stay or your first 50% discount, you can thank me here.

1 — Airlines and Hotel Vouchers: A Secret Combination

Every year, airlines pay millions reserving nights in luxury hotels, and many of those are unused?

Normally, these would be for passengers that have their flights canceled, or long layovers, or as a perk for frequent flyers.

But especially in the low seasons, there are not passengers enough to fill all the fancy hotels they reserved for their customers.

This is especially true for middle-eastern airlines like Emirates, Etihad, or Turkish Airways.

And how you can grab one of those hotel stays for you?

Just ask them! Yes, they may say no, but it costs you nothing anyway.

And that is exactly how I scored my first 5* hotel stay for free, in 2019.

The company responsible for my flight from Brazil to Poland covered all expenses of my Istanbul stopover. A free stay for me and my wife, dinner, and breakfast included.