My Personal List of Books Recommended By Warren Buffett

Among his recommendations, I select these for their practical value.

Levi Borba
10 min readDec 18, 2021


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There are millions of financial gurus today: on Youtube, Linkedin, Udemy, or even here, on Medium.

Some of them give indeed valuable advice, but others (and I dare to say, most of them) either repeat obvious things that anyone with basic personal finance education knows or give revolutionary (and catastrophic) advice.

What is the best way to separate the fools from the pros?

I bet that the safest method is to look into their investment performance. How they walk the talk.

And in this matter, few gurus beat Warren Buffett. After all, for years, he was one of the three richest men on the planet.

In this article, I will present you with 2 lists, as well as a brief synopsis or opinion about each book mentioned.

The first are the main books about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy. The second are the books recommended by this famous (and successful) investor, also known as the Oracle of Omaha.

Who is Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s story begins in 1930 in the US state of Nebraska. From an early age, Buffett showed an early interest in business and investment. Buffett’s early formative years were filled with commercial endeavors. While still in high school, he earned a few bucks delivering newspapers, selling golf balls and stamps, among other things.

In his sophomore year in 1945, Buffett and a friend paid $25 for an old pinball machine and installed it in a neighborhood barbershop. Within a few months, they had several machines in three different barber shops around town. Months later, they sold the company for a sum several times greater than they invested.

Buffett went to the University of Pennsylvania, then switched to the University of Nebraska, where he earned a business administration…



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