Rampant Crime Shattering Illusions: Areas in Stockholm You Should Avoid (and Why)

After the fierce response of the British media to my article about Bradford, here I will be more cautious.

Levi Borba
9 min readMay 18


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Right now I am very cautious before writing about any city.

I don’t want to overjudge any location (especially after my article about the most dangerous cities in Europe generate some explosive repercussions in newspapers like The Mirror, The Daily Star, and, according to The Express, what I wrote made the Bradford police chief furious).

I was just writing about facts, but still…

I am very suspicious of the traditional media, however, I am not some sort of conspiracy theorist, not even close to that.

But in the current monetization model that most journalists are part of, we all know that they need clicks, so readers see their ads or purchase their subscriptions.

This incentive tragic headlines and this is what we see when we look for news about Stockholm on the internet:

And all of this only in a space of two months in 2023.

Therefore, before answering our main question (Is Stockholm safe?), let’s dive into some numbers.

So… How Safe Is Stockholm Really?

We compared the crime rates of Stockholm against 4 other major European capitals (Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Warsaw) in 5 different types of criminal offenses: rapes, murders, burglaries, assaults, and car theft.

In the few cases where specific data for the city was not available, we used the national-level data. Sources are websites like Statista, Knoema, Macrotrends, and Brå.

Let’s check how the Swedish capital performed:

Rape and Sexual crimes (Rate per 100,000 people)

  • Stockholm, Sweden 6.9
  • Paris, France 2.1
  • Berlin, Germany 1.4