The Best Business Insights of Our Year! The Most Popular Articles from 2021

From Billionaires bankrupting to the strategy behind $4000 shoes.

Levi Borba
4 min readJan 3, 2022


Photo from the author.

On a lot of different levels, 2021 was an unusual year.

Some of us thought it signaled the end of the pandemic. Instead, it became the second year of it, renewing many of the obstacles that we were already familiar with.

Multiple businesses, including mine, adopted a new way of doing things, which is reflected in some of these articles. Many entrepreneurs that I know improved their processes, managed to survive, and even thrive.

It was a year to become more generous too. I thanked all my employees this year, not only verbally but with other incentives, due to their outstanding efforts to turn our main business profitable.

It paid back. Of my two businesses, the main one had a great year and recovered all the losses of 2020. Meanwhile, the other stalled and just break even.

But we are learning. And that is fun.

That is what 2021 was about, and here are the most popular articles that reflect both my journey, from other entrepreneurs, or whatever else happened in the world during this remarkable year.

How the World’s 8th Richest Man Lost 99.6% of His Fortune

And went to live a few meters away from murderers and kidnappers.

4 Industries That Will Disappear Before the Year 2030

They employ almost 1/4 of the workforce, but in less than 10 years these jobs will be history.

Understanding Why People Buy $4000…