The Best Cities to Retire in Europe

Among the best places to retire in Europe, there are even HBO filming locations.

Levi Borba


Ivrea, one of the best cities to retire in Europe
Ivrea, in Italy, is the 2nd best city to retire in Europe. Source of the image: Author.

Individuals are becoming more likely to want to retire somewhere else, and their choice isn’t just based on their own preferences but also on the level of well-being and leisure the host country provides, its culture, its natural environment, and its heritage.

This article came about because it turns out that a lot of people use Google to look for answers to a question: where is the best place to retire outside the US?

We all know that the U.S. has a high cost of living while living costs in many parts of Europe are much lower. But even though retirement income is usually reduced by taxes, retirees can still end up with more disposable income if they live outside the U.S.

The methodology for our rank of the best city to retire in Europe

Instead of just rewording some existing lists, we at The Expatriate Consultancy made this rank of the best places to retire in Europe using criteria carefully selected.

As said before, the first criteria of this list is that all those places are in Europe. If you are thinking about retirement not only in the old continent, there is another list of the best countries to retire from anywhere in the world. But if you are not thinking about retirement but rather living abroad and working remotely, we also made a ranking of the best cities for remote workers.

Now to the criteria we used:

Living Costs

The Cost of Living Index by Country in 2021 is the first criteria we’ll analyze.

Numbeo, the world’s largest cost repository, compiles it. It’s a crowd-sourced database with data on housing, healthcare, and other costs of living around the world. Lower costs are important for retirees abroad since their income is often defined by their country of origin, and not flexible — unless the person has multiple income streams, and in this case, congratulations!

The lower the score of the cost of living index, the better.

The Health Care Index