The Explosive Venezuelan Plan for an Alliance Between Russia, South America, and China

It has never been as close to reality as it is now, in 2023.

Levi Borba


Storm, China, Russia and South America
Illustration produced with resources from Canva.

Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s head of state (and also its military commander), stated a few days ago in a speech to the Venezuelan National Assembly:

I was talking about this with Lula [new president of Brazil] on the phone, personally with President Gustavo Petro [recently elected president of Colombia], and also with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández. A new time is coming, a special time to unite efforts and paths in Latin America and the Caribbean, to advance in the formation of a powerful bloc of political forces, of economic power that speaks to the world.

That wouldn’t come as a shock. Chavéz and, after his death, Maduro have been in charge of Venezuela for 21 years, which raises serious questions about how democratic the government is. During the same period, absolute monarchies like Saudi Arabia had more changes of power.