The Most Dangerous City in Each European Country

I dug crime databases in 16 European countries and came to some surprising conclusions.

Levi Borba
11 min readMay 17, 2022


Glasgow, the most dangerous city in Scotland.
This city is among the most dangerous in its country. Can you guess where it is? Image by Pirkko Seitsenpiste for Pixabay

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When people ask why I left Brazil, a warm country full of natural wonders, and moved to a cold place somewhere between central and eastern Europe, there is only one answer that raises no doubts:

To escape the violence.

I say that at the very beginning of this article to answer a possible criticism: none of these cities are really that violent when you compare them to the average city in South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, or Brazil.

Even with the drastic reduction of crime in Rio during the last decades, or with the quickly decreasing homicide rates in Sao Paulo, both cities are still more dangerous than almost all places on this list. Buenos Aires, in Argentina? Same story.

I hope no resident of Bradford, Craiova, or any other municipality gets offended, especially considering the fact that I tried to make this as objective as possible, by using real criteria, like:

  • The registered homicide rate
  • The crime rate (and the violent crime rate).
  • Property crimes, like robberies and burglaries.
  • The Crime Index Score, an index developed by Numbeo using data from cities all over the world and their local inhabitants to determine the severity of perceived crime and safety levels.

With no further ado, let’s start our list of the most dangerous places in Europe.

The Most Dangerous City in the UK

When we talk about the United Kingdom, we are not talking about a country alone, but about four (or five, depending on the definition) under the same crown.

I tell you that because the most violent city in the UK is not in England, but Scotland. Therefore, our conclusion here also answers another question: