THESE Are the Cheapest Cities to Fly to In Europe

And from there, you can use railways or buses to explore the rest of the continent!

Levi Borba


Dublin,one of the cheapest cities to fly to in europe
Dublin is one of the cheapest cities to fly to in Europe. Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians for Pixabay

If you’re from Asia or America, like me, probably you, at some point, considered doing a tour across Europe. And you know that after you’ve landed on the old continent, moving around isn’t such a difficult task.

Europe (at least the western and central parts) has some of the world’s finest railway networks. They also have a plethora of regional, low-cost airlines and inexpensive bus routes.


Crossing the ocean to reach Europe may be costly. So, to assist you in determining the cheapest gateways to the Old Continent, I utilized my years of airline experience to compile criteria and rates to assist YOU in determining what should be your starting point in your next euro excursion!

Reasons that make certain cities the cheapest to fly to in Europe

The price of flight tickets fluctuates. A lot. Airlines have an entire area called Revenue Management just to operate the models behind ticket pricing — this is the area that I worked for years. Before, I shared some tips on how to use revenue management in your favor so you can save money.

For this reason, the cheapest city to fly to today is not necessarily the same to fly tomorrow.

There are, however, some criteria that make certain cities (or rather, certain airports) consistently cheaper than others.

1st — Airport taxes and fees.

This is the easiest one to understand why. Each airport operator is free to set its own fees, and each country has its own taxes, which are then added to the total price of a flight ticket. Some countries have very high airport taxes.

The UK, for example, is unlikely to have many airports among the cheapest in Europe for the simple fact that they have something called Air Passenger Duty Tax. It is charged to people flying out of the UK and has increased in value by 539% since its implementation in 1993. The value is based on the distance of the flight, and Americans can expect to pay up to $110 in the economy and $215.60 in first class.