10 Eye-Opening Charts Depicting the Shocking State of the Economy Right Now

From the price of a Thanksgiving dinner to credit delinquency, understand what is going on and have topics for family dinners.

Levi Borba


Illustration for article about the State of the Economy in 2022
Image by The Expat Team using Canva

“Stop with the end-of-the-world porn”

This was a comment for one of my articles. It caught my eye.

Why would some of my articles be considered “end-of-the-world porn”?

I am not talking about the optimistic ones, like that about 5 countries that got stronger with all the turmoil of 2022, or the other explaining how a particular South American country defeated inflation.

But would my article from 7 months ago with economic predictions for the next 12 months (and most of the prognoses happened almost exactly as described so far) be considered doom porn?

Here is the thing: the difference between doom & gloom or happy & zappy only depends on your current side of the transaction balance.


Headline: Interest rates are soaring at a record pace.

Who is the reader? Are you loaded with credit card debt? In this case, I am writing doom porn.

Or are you a pensioner living on the return of post-fixed bonds? In this case, I bring good news.

In either case, I think that both profiles would benefit from concrete, factual information.

For this reason, I prepared this article. Maybe this is my most interesting piece of this year (at least, that’s what my beta-readers told me).

Below are 10 charts. Some are odd, yet they all show the world economy today. I’ll give a brief explanation of what the chart depicts and what I believe it represents.

While most charts concern the US, their signals are valid for most western nations, as I explained in this article on the reasons why 2023 looks like a bad year for the UK.

The Average Cost of an Ordinary Thanksgiving Dinner