These 5 Countries Are Getting Stronger with the Turmoils of 2022

One of them is highly counter-intuitive and quite…polemical.

Levi Borba


Doha, Qatar
A picture I took during my time in Doha, the capital of a country that is definitely winning with all the turmoil of 2022.

Some people expected to go back to normalcy after the end of the COVID pandemic. But they could not get more wrong than that.

What 2022 has delivered to us so far is:

But all these crises are not affecting everyone in the same way. Some countries are cruising through 2022 with flying colors.

I interviewed some economists and fellow entrepreneurs and also consulted reliable sources of data to discover which countries are getting stronger despite (or, sometimes, thanks to) all the turmoil of 2022.

One of them is very counter-intuitive, and if you disagree, I will be glad to read why in the comment section.


GDP Growth forecasted for Norway during 2022: 3.4%

Inflation forecast for 2022: 5.6% (Norway’s Central Bank)

Main opportunities:

The oil and gas industry makes up 20% of Norway’s economy, and 67% of all Norwegian exports. After putting sanctions on Russia, Europe looked for other ways to get energy, and Norway was one of the first places they looked.

Even though the production of the Scandinavian kingdom isn’t enough to cover all the volume that was once…