The Chinese Banking Bankruptcy Could Trigger the Mother of All Crises

An economic tsunami coming from the East could wipe out the plans of future generations.

Levi Borba
6 min readJul 29, 2022


Henan, China
Photo by Lan Yao for Pexels

This is the first time in 2 years and over 200 articles that I am considering if I should keep writing this article or if I should hit the “publish” button after finishing it, or not.

I know that if instead of publishing this article here on Medium, I uploaded it as a video on my Youtube channel, The Expat, I would be immediately punished by Youtube. Some other channels have already suffered a similar fate or warned about the risks of vocalizing certain subjects about China.

So here is the first disclaimer: this is not a political article. I am not criticizing the Chinese government but just stating facts about the economic crisis.

I am also not implying that in the West, our authorities are more competent in economic matters. In fact, I just wrote about how western governments are throwing gasoline at the inflationary fire.

This article is about a (still) local crisis that may contribute to the current inflationary cataclysm and make the mother of all crises even worse than it already is.

So, what happened in China?