A Practical Guide to Survive During the Mega Inflationary Wave of 2022

The best advice from those who lived through hyperinflation in Europe, Brazil, and more.

Levi Borba


how to survive inflation 2022
Imagem de Steve Buissinne por Pixabay

In one of my previous articles, I researched the prices of some essential food items in the US and the UK, from the same brands and in the supermarkets, to discover if the so-called 8% official inflation is reflected in reality.

Instead, I discovered something much more shocking: multiple food items already surpassed 50% of annualized inflation.

“What to do then?” was one of the questions I received.

How to escape the nearly unavoidable spiral of inflation that (as I explained here) is still far from the end?

How do you escape the economic death trap that can ruin the savings of a lifetime in a matter of years, if not months?

I sought advice from people who had lived through some of the most severe and explosive inflationary cycles of the twentieth century, in countries such as Brazil, Poland, South Africa, and Turkey.

My intention with this article is not to “write and forget.” I’ll be constantly updating it with new insights, practical tips, and pieces of advice from others. To receive them in your inbox, subscribe to my articles.

Do Not Stock Cash!

It’s a good idea to keep short-term cash on hand, such as an emergency fund, just in case. However, if you have savings that you don’t expect to use for at least a year, you should consider investing them or purchasing a treasury bond.

Keeping a significant amount of cash in your vault (or, as in the old days, below your bed) is a sure way to lose money. If you stored 40 000 euros in your locker 12 months ago in a country where inflation is 12% per year (like where I live), you have already lost nearly 5,000 euros in purchasing power.

If you don’t trust banks (which is understandable), or if you want to keep your reserves portable, there is another option…

Buy Gold

(or silver, or whatever portable asset you can put your hands on it)